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Birthday Parties

Bring nature play to your child’s birthday party or event with Edible Kids’ Gardens.


Our hands-on party workshops spark imagination while encouraging kids to get their hands dirty. All materials are provided and activities lead by our staff members.

Workshop Options


Inspire your child’s creativity and customise their party with our range of hands-on nature play party workshops.


  • Bush jewellery- Children can design their own bracelets and necklaces using a variety of natural materials including gum nuts, beads, leaves, banksia cones, pine cones and wooden pieces.

  • Bug hotels- In this workshop children will be able to learn about the importance of local ecosystems, habitats and friendly bugs. Children can create a mini 5-star accommodation for your own backyard or balcony to encourage beneficial bugs and/or create individual bug hotels to take home.

  • Fairy & troll gardens- Children can bring their fairy tale stories to life with this workshop by creating their own fairy or troll garden by planting succulents, creating mini mushrooms, stepping stone paths and more. Each child will take home their own fairy or troll garden to care for and watch grow.

  • Fossil making- Fossil making workshops allow children to get their hands dirty and create their own fossils using shells, nuts, leaves and other natural materials. Using air-drying clay their creations don’t need any heating or drying in ovens and can be turned into ornaments or decorations

  • Sow-a-seed- Children can get their hands dirty whilst learning all about gardening basics. These workshops include seasonal seeds to take home in handmade paper pots crafted by the children.

  • T-Rex terrarium-  Encourage the imagination with our Terrarium Workshop. This is a unique and fun workshop where children create self contained gardens in glass jars to take home. Terrariums create miniature ecosystems due to the tapered shape of the jar. Using a variety of plants, the children can create their own unique world or even a home for an animal or mythical creature – whatever their imagination can dream up.

Activities can be customised to the age and abilities of the children attending.


Prop Hire- Interactive Nature Based Garden Space 

EKG can create a lush, living garden installation as part of your child's birthday party theme. Creating this natural environment through the use of sensory and productive plants within simple structures and recycled containers gives attendees an example of a productive sensory gardens as they participate in birthday party activities.

Interactive play space and props may include any of the following:

  • Potted native shrubs and trees

  • Vertical shelf or ladder display of herbs, veggies and hard-to-find sensory plants within a variety of plates

  • A hand pump for splashing water into a half wine barrel (water play)

  • Sensory table accompanied with sand and various loose parts to allow free play

  • A child-scale space within a natural pine tree teepee for natural 'loose parts' play for imaginative construction (sensory development)

  • Colouring-in station with natural log slice seating

  • Recycled door child height appropriate table

  • Curved hardwood bridge for children to cross into interactive play space


All props can be hired for your party or purchased outright from at the Edible Kids Gardens shop

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