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Private and therapeutic gardens

We think that kids and adults deserve to be surrounded by fresh healthy food and stimulated by what nature has to offer. Shared green space, backyards small and large, front gardens, courtyards and balconies are all often underutilised as spaces for young and old alike. Our gardens grow wherever they're invited - in homes, care facilities, council land and strata managed spaces, among others.



Our designers can help you create a space which is aesthetically pleasing, fun and also produces a harvest.

Our Tips for Creating a Child-Friendly Landscape

  • OBSERVE how children use a space to inspire and inform your design.

  • Work with existing on-site materials wherever possible rather than starting from scratch. Such constraints require CREATIVE SOLUTIONS which help a garden retain its sense of history.

  • PLAN AHEAD so that spaces will grow along with children. Create spaces that can be used in multiple ways, and which allow children to express their diverse interests and capabilities.

  • Use edible and sensory plants to provide architectural SHAPE and aesthetic BEAUTY. Veggies can be grown much more creatively than in an uncreative rectangle.

  • Get kids involved in planning the garden, growing their own food, and cooking from it. Scents, colour, and family rituals have a LASTING IMPACT on children's lifelong development.

“We engaged Edible Kids' Gardens to revamp our tired and boring inner-city courtyard that was totally uninteresting to our young daughter.

She now enjoys spending time in the garden, waiting for ‘her’ strawberries to grow and carefully watering the plants.

The entire renovation was completed quickly and professionally, and we couldn't be happier with the end result" - Steve, Rozelle.

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