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Outdoor Classrooms in Schools

Peakhurst South Public School Yarning Circle 

This Yarning circle was developed in consultation with the school, as a safe, inclusive space to demonstrate the belief that all people are equal, and that each child's story is valuable. Resonating with the stunning indigenous mural on the nearby wall, the Yarning circle is located at the front corner of the school and makes for a striking and powerful statement in this location.

The space is encircled by majestic smooth-barked Gum trees, with new planting of hardy native grasses, shrubs and groundcovers to increase the planting and sense of intimacy of the setting. 

A paving circle features at the centre, with crushed granite surfacing as the ground covering. The squared sandstone block seats are large enough to allow 2 children to sit on some of them if needed.

To enter into the space, we created an entry pathway comprised of 2 Ironbark gum branch "tunnels", which are planted with native vines to grow up and over to add shade, colour and sensory interest.

Rose Bay Secondary College Outdoor Classroom 

This Outdoor Classroom was developed as both an informal hanging-out space and as a learning space for students at this Eastern Suburbs high school.

Built as a terrace of the steep slope of the school grounds, the seating area is comprised of a combination of sandstone boulders and ballast walls. The ground surface of crushed granite gives a stable but earthy feel. 

Being outdoors for their lessons, students feel more connected to nature, and benefit from the dappled light from the canopy of advanced Banksias and other trees nearby.

It's also handy for lessons such as science experiments where things might get a bit messy! See the school's Youtube video for the space in action!

Birchgrove Public School
Seating Circle

Georges Hall Public School
Outdoor Classroom

Overlooking Cockatoo Island and Syndey Harbour, this outdoor classroom seating circle has got to be one of the best possible locations to hold a meeting or lesson!

To terrace the slope, we constructed a retaining wall in recycled bricks, with a matching brick circle at the centre of the space. 

Individual sawn sandstone blocks arrayed in an intimate circle provide for lessons and small group sessions, or just a lovely spot to soak up the sun while looking over the harbour.

Nearby, a sandpit with a cubby house for shade / wind protection provides students with the opportunity for creative and sensory experience of building with sand.

Integrated into the school playground and set under the shade of advanced trees, these seating areas provide students with flexible eating and learning opportunities where the playground can be their teacher.

Made using Australian hardwood bench seats and table tops, the tables are an ergonomic alternative to the traditional "silver seats" often seen en masse in schools.

The natural timber gives warmth and maintenance is fairly low. 

Yowie Bay Public School Outdoor Classroom 

As part of a larger nature-based playground addition to the school, this outdoor seating area allows for a large number of students to learn together in a beautiful natural setting.

Students can feel creative in their learning and playing, and use the sandstone block seats as stepping stones or a stage for dramatic performances. 

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