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School playgrounds & learning spaces


We design and construct imaginative school playgrounds, kitchen gardens and learning enviornments.

We also create master plans for your entire outdoor space, utilising all the little hidden corners of your school.

We are approved with the NSW Department of Education for Landscape construction projects up to $250,000 in value.

Curriculum Based Workshops

Teachers can use us as a resource throughout the process of design and construction. Our designers consider sustainability while meeting the school and local community needs. This ties in with the Design and Technology curriculum for various age groups (e.g. ACTDEK001, ACTDEP027, ACTDEK019 etc.)


Once design and construction is complete we can run curriculum based workshops within the newly created space. 


We're flexible and love creating relevant workshop programs to fit your school’s needs. Programs can be tailored to focus on various subject areas across science and technologies, humanities, the arts, work studies, health and physical education, even maths (e.g. ACMSP118, ACMSP048).

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