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Past Events: Barangaroo Reserve

Starring down the barrel of this behemoth day, more than one member of our amazing events team was a tad nervous. Turns out we had it in the bag.

We created a space that few thought possible and delivered a massive pop-up, sensory, adventure playground to thousands of kids over the course of the one-day event located in the Cutaway at the Barangaroo reserve.

Of course, our Head Designer, Steve Webb, never doubted we could make it happen, but we could never have done it without the hard work of creative carpenter and Nature-Play Wizard, Tommy Dodd, and Pop-Up Space-Creation Queen, Amelia Toohey.

The feature was a 15 metre long Gunyah Tunnel (an EKG original) for kids to create their own imaginative shelters among the gum trees made of natural materials like bark and branches. Kids of all ages were drawn in an created elaborate structures within it!

The space also included several natural pine teepees for kids to immerse themselves in Loose Parts Play, our Bug Hotel workshop, various custom-built sandpits, a garden design space, a native flower posie workshop, our Plant-A-Seed workshop, a bush tucker tasting space, water play and other creative and sensory activities!

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