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Six Seasons

Noongar Country covers the entire south-west corner of Western Australia, from Geraldton to Esperance, including Perth. For the Noongar people, food gathering and hunting practices were guided by nature, with a traditional calendar of six seasons ranging from the hottest, driest part of the year (Bunuru) to the coldest and wettest (Makuru).

Last month a competition was held by edible indigenous plant nursery Tucker Bush, asking schools what the Six Seasons meant to Noongar people, and what their school’s Tucker Bush garden would look like.

Tucker Bush has partnered with educators Bindi Bindi Dreaming to conduct workshops in schools around WA, helping to establish native bush tucker gardens and teaching programs about local Aboriginal culture and food.

Congratuations to Bertram Primary School and Applecross Primary School who were today announced as the winners. A selection of entries can be viewed on the Tucker Bush website.

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