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Carved wombat sculpture

Carved wombat sculpture


Our hand-sculpted Ironbark wombats make a striking addition to your playground!


This sculpted wombat measures approx. 50cm high and 80cm long.

Available for delivery to your location in NSW / ACT / Victoria.


Australian red Ironbark is amongst the densest and most durable of timbers in the world, with an above-ground durability of 50+ years and in-ground durability of 25-50 years.


The wombat comes with galvanised steel threaded rods secured in underneath the wombat, for ease of installation as a fixed item in the playground. Being very heavy, forklift or other machinary may be needed to transport, unload and position.


We can provide a quote for installation if required. 


These are made to order with an approx. 10 week lead-time.

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