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Some of our favourite sensory plants for kids

We need our plants to be colourful and aromatic and pleasant to touch, as well as flavourful! Over time we've refined our lists of plants species suitable for kids' gardens. Here are some of our favourites.

Dwarf Apple tree A fruiting tree grafted onto dwarf rootstock, and with selective pruning, ensures crispy fresh apples remain within an arm’s reach.

Dwarf Red Mulberry Ornate deciduous tree (2-3m) producing abundant sweet non-staining fruits after 1-2 years. Perfect for toddlers and young children.

White Shahtoot Mulberry Unlike the towering black mulberries which stain footpaths (and clothes!), this deciduous tree has slightly weeping branches and grows to only about 5m high. Produces delicious sweet non-staining fruits after about 3 years.

Edible Kids' Gardens planter box

Chocolate Pudding Fruit A large semi-tropical tree which produces one of the most gourmet dessert fruits imaginable. The thick, sweet pulp of the fruits is said to resemble chocolate.

Grumichama This is the perfect edible alternative to a formal hedge. Best in part shade or protected from western summer sun.

Cardamom Ginger This clumping plant which produces an amazing gingery aroma when the leaves are crushed and can be used in cooking and for herbal teas. Grows best in shade or part sun.

Rosemary A must for every sensory garden and useful in cooking. Can be trimmed for formality, or left to spread and fill in spaces. Semi-prostrate varieties can be used for walls and hanging baskets.

Blue Flax Lily This hardy, strappy Australian native produces tasty purple berries which kids love to search for.

Midgeon Berry An Australian low-growing native producing an abundance of super-sweet speckled berries which kids love to snack on.

French Lavender A sensory delight for any type of garden. Cut flowers produce the perfect perfumed display for the house. French (or Spanish) varieties and cultivars are best suited to Sydney’s climate.

Lamb’s Ear The soft, velvety texture of this plant will stimulate and intrigue little fingers in the garden.

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