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Home Gardens - creating a restful space

An established Crepe Myrtle in this Rodd Point home garden provided the perfect dappled conditions for creating a peaceful garden space. The garden is now made up of a mixture of natives, sensory Mediterranean herbs, and shade-loving plants. Making use of existing on-site pavers, we created a smooth curve separating the lawn from the planted area. Sandstone pebbles and smooth river stones delineate a space in front of the bench seat, which is nestled in behind a Lilly Pilly. A simple brick and pebble path leads over a gentle 'hill' for accessing the rear corner.

The informal hedge is comprised of established Syzygium 'Cascade', with Geraldton Wax & Brachyscome in the gaps. Sensory plants include French Lavender, Rose-Scented Geranium, Apple Geranium, Marigold, and the scented Magnolia stellata. Basil, Italian Parsley, Sage, and Lemon Thyme are positioned in the open sunny corner. Along with Bird’s Nest ferns, in the shade are Clivea, Hellebore, Liriope muscari & Native Violet.

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