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Home Gardens - chickens

A shady garden corridor presented the perfect location for creating an adventure garden for a family with energetic youngsters. Truck tyres create steps up to a hardwood platform which encircles the tree. Kids take on the challenge of swinging or climb up the thick ropes. In its dappled position, the platform is the perfect spot for reading a book, taking an afternoon nap, or for chatting with friends. Timber beams give a fun opportunity to practice balancing and gross motor co-ordination.

The chickens also have a new adventure area. The decision to relocate the house with its feeding area and laying box made collecting the eggs easier and also provided protection to the eggs from local crows. A cylindrical mesh tunnel allows the chickens to move easily to their open scratching area, and provides great entertainment for the kids.

The chook house is made from a mix of new and recycled hardwoods, with treated pine for in-ground and structural components. The section on the right has the chooks' perches, with a mesh floor below for their poo to drop through to the easy-access compost area. The doors on the left are for storing the food and straw.

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