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Home Gardens - colour and textures in a small space

This inner west Sydney front garden combines formal and informal elements. Mauve flowering natives and red foliage was chosen to complement the Federation style house.

Along the front fence striking Cordylines alternate with small-leafed Lilly Pillies. A Japanese Maple in front of the window will grow up to provide dappled light, privacy and seasonal interest both from within the house and from the street.

New Zealand Flax and Coastal Rosemary provide form and shades of green.

Groundcovers include cheerful Brachyscome and hardy Gazanias, with tufts of Liriope to contrast with rounded pebbles of crunchy, crushed sandstone.

A Philendron has been retained for its unusual habit and trunk, with the pebbles serving to highlight this striking plant. Stepping stones are used in an informal way to navigate the garden and to bring residents down the side of the house, where Native Violets will fill in the ground space and Boston Ivy creep up the walls.

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