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Home Gardens - toddler-friendly spaces

A tired patch of grass was transformed into a toddler-friendly edible garden and sitting area. A dry stone creek weaves between the Yucca trees and is crossed by pathways made of sandstone steppers and of sandstone pebbles. In the corner, a hardwood and sandstone bench seat provides a destination point from which to observe the garden. Soil from the creek was used to create a mound in the centre, which increases planting area and makes the small space feel bigger to a young child.

The garden is enclosed by a cute hardwood cottage-style fence to keep out the dog. Hardwood railway sleepers create a boundary for the lawn and retain the garden bed soil. Plantings include Blueberries & Strawberries on the mound, a Red Dwarf Mulberry near the gate, Echium, Lamb’s Ear, Marigold, Phormium “Baby Bronze”, and mini hedges of Parsley and Thyme along the fence.

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