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Past Events: Father’s Day at Bungalow 8

Being my first event with EKG, it was really nice to see kids and their families enjoy themselves so much and engage with nature in the middle of the city for Father's Day.

Most of the families are apartment dwellers from the inner suburbs, and they loved getting messy with the natural timber free play area, where they made a campfire, then played stepping stones and crocodiles.

The kids also had a great time building Bug Hotels to put on their balconies for the bees and butterflies to come and make homes in. It was inspiring to see their imaginations come to life explaining their creations - they showed me where the bugs would sleep, where the bugs would eat and one little fellow even had slides and pools in his hotel for the insects!

Our Natural Jewellery making workshop was also a hit. There was some large family groups there on the day and so the kids made tribe necklaces for all the family.

There were a few Bungalow 8 staff members wearing necklaces gifted to them by kids by the end of the day as well!

Some of the more adventurous kids and dads also had a touch, taste and smell of the edible plants and herbs that we brought for the sensory display.

It amazed me how calm and relaxed the kids were when they were absorbed in nature-play. The staff even commented on how engaged the kids were - and much less manic and less noisy than usual. That's got to count as a win!

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